Artist's Statement

I see the world through a tactile lens, suggesting form, volume, light and shade in an engagement with the spirit of the infinite - combined with the deep recesses of physical space. My primary concern is to capture the figure, primarily male, through this prism, evoking strong emotions for the viewer in the encounter of Flesh and Form. While my work is certainly not  transgressive, it does offer the viewer realistically frank renderings of naked bodies as an aspect of real beauty in nature. 

I received both Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts (BFA, MFA) degrees, then began to build a corporate retail career (Vice President Visual Merchandising and Store Design) that lasted for thirty six years, all the while simultaneously maintaining a studio - with a passion for the figurative - with occasional exposure to the public. I returned to painting and drawing full-time after retiring from business, establishing a studio in North Scottsdale, Arizona, five years ago and recently relocating to Austin, Texas. I am loving the Hill Country, the creative vibe of the city, also kayaking, cycling and I plan to infuse subsequent work with imagery inspired by the glorious landscape that surrounds me.